Custom Industrial Products

Great Lakes portfolio of UL and NEMA listed products is extensive and normally able to suit customers’ needs. On occasion, the customer may have unique specifications that require a custom product. Custom industrial product can be designed to industry standards, including UL and NEMA 250 requirements; however, custom product will not be tested and certified unless requested by the customer. Customers who require UL and NEMA certification for custom product are responsible for any monetary fees associated with testing.

57ead7b71117c47f4d95cb4f Marina box

Great Lakes was asked to engineer a series of dock boxes for a marina in Florida. The marina developer did not want the fiberglass structures normally found for shore power and other slip connections. It was required that these custom enclosures match the quality, color, and finish of the existing enclosures, which housed the infrastructure connections of the marina.

57ead8124c12cc233cba4287 car wash box

This enclosure was designed to house the order processing station for an automated car wash facility in a harsh outdoor environment. The pedestal mounted enclosure provides easy access to the facility’s system interface and contains a printer for customer receipts.

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This 12 gauge steel enclosure was designed for use on an outdoor rail platform with a side-mounted 14,000 BTU air conditioner.

57ead90506f8c9724dc4d706 hungary nema ac 2

This aluminum enclosure for outdoor use provides 30 RMU in an EIA mounting pattern, within a 800mm X 1,000mm footprint. The enclosure is cooled by a specialized industrial air conditioning unit, mounted to the front door.

57ead95a06f8c9724dc4d803 hungary

This aluminum enclosure was engineered to house optical cable and security equipment, as well as the systems components which deliver internet services and IP TV (Fiber-to-the-Home) in Europe.