SEAL™: Security Enclosures All Levels

As technology progresses and the value of equipment continues to grow, the abilities and resources of individuals with malicious intent also grows. In light of the very real and constant threat of companies and personnel losing vital information that can result in the loss of millions of dollars, the implementation of layered security from the enterprise to the enclosure level has become pivotal.

Security Enclosures All Levels, or SEAL™, is a robustly designed product family that address various security requirements—sealed tightly to prevent intrusion while accommodating airflow, power, and cable flexibility. The structural integrity of SEAL products, when integrated with sophisticated components, can create the ultimate protective barrier against harm.

Manufactured in the United States, we use a continuous, single-source process that ensures consistency and high quality. This vertical integration allows engineering and manufacturing groups to work together to create custom products while providing fast turnaround. Providing to Government, Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Finance, Retail, and a large array of other market segments, we will work closely with you to engineer and customize the products and technology you need for your secure enclosures.

SEAL products that have been developed to eliminate physical threats include: 


Free-Standing Enclosures

The enclosure itself exists as the first, yet last line of defense between your data and the inside/outsider threats who seek to access it impermissibly. The infrastructure of a SEAL enclosure provides the necessary safety and security measures to effectively defend your data equipment from any and all threats.

Overhead/Underfloor Enclosures

Sensitive equipment that requires deployment in non-secure areas often require mounting in the floor or ceiling. Frequently, these enclosures serve as a congregation point for network cables, so protection is imperative. For these applications, Great Lakes has manufactured several solutions to eliminate the risk of intrusion into these enclosures. Overhead and underfloor enclosures are specifically developed to meet the application requirements of customers, to accommodate the physical infrastructure of a location, and provide increased security in potentially high-risk, open areas.


PON Box Resized

Outdoor Enclosures

Outdoor and NEMA rated enclosures require the product to be built to provide protection of equipment inside the enclosure against solid foreign objects and ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and hose directed water). By design requirements, the enclosures are nearly impenetrable from outside objects. When enclosures are installed in the outside plant, network cables, life safety devices, and point-to-point wireless networks may all require an additional layer of security; NEMA rated access control solutions (including handles and hasp locks) can be integrated into the enclosure to prevent unauthorized entry and tampering.

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NEMA Handle resized

Privacy Panel System (PPS)

The Great Lakes Privacy Panel System (PPS) can create a perimeter layer of security within the data center itself. The system provides an additional layer of protection in data centers that are subject to evolving regulatory standards, particularly co-location facilities that must meet security requirements for multiple clients. In addition to a contained space on the floor, custom panels can be integrated into Gordon Grid ceiling systems and protective barriers can be installed beneath a raised floor to protect underfloor access of PPS hardware—essentially creating a complete envelope of protection around a given space. Sliding doors can be outfitted with a number of access control options to accommodate necessary security levels.

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Data Center Privacy System Complete

Access Control Solutions

Great Lakes indoor and outdoor enclosures and PPS can all can be integrated with access control solutions that are able to provide various levels of increased security. Mechanical handle options include pin, hasp lock, or non-standard [enclosure industry] key. Increased security can be achieved through the use of electromechanical handles with biometrics, PIN, RFID, or combined for multi-factor authentication.

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