Great Lakes is able to provide multiple solutions to retail locations, ranging from wall mounts to protecting POS equipment, to full size enclosures in support of large scale store operations.


15WM Wall Mount

  • 15", 7 RMU, 100 lb. weight capacity
  • Ideal for small intercom systems, DVD/blue ray players, security systems, etc.
  • Economical solution for schools, convenience stores, and restaurant
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WLP Series Wall Mount

  • Designed to accommodate servers and conditions associated with them: high density sable management, power options and cooling capabilities
  • Data Center applications include: hot aisle/cold aisle configuration, ducted exhaust, slab floor and containment
  • 24 RMU - 48 RMU
  • WLP Series Wall Mount

E Series Enclosures

  • Designed for telecommunications and networking equipment
  • 29" wide enclosures are ideal for networking
  • 24" wide enclosures ideal for server applications
  • 13 RMU - 44 RMU
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All Wall Mounts

  • Weight capacities from 150 lbs. to 250 lbs.
  • Mount equipment from servers to patch panels and switches
  • Conduit and horseshoe knockouts for cable management
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All Enclosures

  • Data Center Enclosures
  • Telecommunications and Networking Enclosures
  • NEMA 12 and Seismic Zone 4 Enclosures
  • Co-Location Enclosures
  • Enclosures to support multiple cooling solutions, including containment and high density applications
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  • New Enhanced Rack (ER) Series that includes Cable
  • 2 and 4 Post Racks
  • Cable Management and Heavy Duty 4 Post Racks
  • Racks are able to be custom assembled: pick your accessories and Great Lakes will install them where you specify!
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  • Accessories for enclosures, racks, and wall mounts
  • Airflow Accessories: Fans, Filler Panels, Brush Grommet Kits, Mesh Doors
  • Cable Management Accessories: External Cable Manager, Lacing Bars, Vertical Troughs, 19" Organizers, Copper Bus Bars & Grounding Kits, Shelves, Hardware and more.
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Audio/Video Products

  • Including DVR lock boxes, products consist of Wall Mounts, small enclosures and ceiling mounts for AV applications

Industrial NEMA Indoor/Outdoor

  • Multiple series of enclosures which are UL listed and NEMA 250 rated 3R, 4, and 4X
  • A range of materials, finishes, and sizes for most applications
  • Industrial products designed to customer specifications
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