Profile: The NEMA Type 3R Enclosure

A full-scale on site water testing lab has allowed us to create a number of NEMA 3R enclosures, including this box, engineered at the request of a government agency operating in a coastal territory.

The enclosure had to be manufactured and seam-welded in aluminum and designed for easy installation in a wide variety of locations where it would be exposed to both outside conditions and, in many cases a salt spray environment. The enclosure had one set of adjustable rails, full gasketing, draw latches (with padlock option) and a single key lock. Each enclosure also included intake fans and exhaust filters fitted with rain guards to restrict moisture.

The proposed initial run of these wall mount enclosures is scheduled to be more than 1,500 units and several other agencies are also looking at it for their own needs, so the final number could be much higher. While we could have manufactured these with our existing capabilities, we decided to purchase some specialized equipment which would help us to deliver the best aluminum seam welding possible.

There were a number of specific requirements for such a small enclosure, but every time the customer asked if we could do something, we were able to say “yes”. We worked with our material and component suppliers, to be sure we knew what was being asked of us and in the end, the customer has been very happy with the finished product.

We’ve built a tremendous variety of NEMA compliant enclosures over the years in nearly every size and shape imaginable. For more information, please contact your technical sales rep at 1-866-TRY-GLCC (879-4522).

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