NEMA At Every Stop

This is a NEMA type enclosure manufactured to operate in various locations throughout a metropolitan rail system. The enclosure had to be designed to accommodate a specialized, solid state air conditioning unit with a customer specified condensate drainage system. The enclosure is made from #12 Ga. steel and fully seam welded for durability.

With specialized latches, insulation and an internal fan unit, this enclosure is engineered to be left on a platform or in a utility tunnel where it will perform its protective function while being exposed to the elements and temperature extremes of a northern climate.

This project included 85 enclosures, shipped in two groups. 45 of the enclosures also included rubber shock mounts to help protect the enclosure and to compensate for platform vibrations.

For more information, contact technical sales at 1-866-TRY-GLCC (879-4522).

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