Sharing Knowledge through BICSI

Power is gained by sharing knowledge; BICSI continues to be a wonderful facilitator of this concept. Great Lakes Case & Cabinet has presented several times at national BICSI conferences; however, my colleague, Brian Franz, and I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of GLCC for the first time at the BICSI 2017 fall conference just one week ago. We presented in a crowded ball room that may have been the largest audience we have encountered at a national industry event—an estimated 1500 individuals attended our session dedicated to physical data protection.

As vice president of sales in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia market, I am exposed to government and high-profile organizations that are realizing physical asset protection inside of their data center must become a priority. Fear of malicious and accidental intrusion into enclosures has caused these organization to seek protection at the enclosure level.

Brian and I have learned how to address security concerns from a manufacturing and integration stand point. In our presentation, ‘A New Layer of Security Inside the White Space,’ we shared methods on improving security at the enclosure layer: modular cage panels that are able to create a complete “room”; high-quality enclosures that specifically address possible points of penetration; and various levels of access control solutions ranging from mechanical handles to RFID, PIN, and biometrics.

It was awe-inspiring to see such a large audience seeking information on physical data protection. Perhaps these individuals have all faced the fall-out of data center intrusion, or they are fearful of it. No matter their interest, Brian and I were both honored to present the information we have gathered.

If you attended our BICSI presentation, Brian and I thank you for sharing with us your valuable time. If you were not able to attend the presentation, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. To discuss your physical security concerns, please feel free to reach out,

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