NEMA 12 for Medical Research Facility

This custom Level 4 SEAL enclosure was developed for a medical research facility. Subject to healthcare privacy regulations, the customer required an access control option that was more secure than a standard handle; however, wanted the convenience of having to use an access card only one time to open the front and rear door. Great Lakes customized an 84″H x 30″W x 42″D NEMA 12K enclosure to include a NEMA rated intelligent handle on the front door. A standard NEMA 12 swing handle compresses the rear door to the enclosure, but an internal locking rotary latch–similar to that found on a car trunk–restricts opening the door from outside the enclosure. An individual with front access is able to pull the rear door release lever found at the front of the enclosure (see a demonstration of door function: A provision was made on the front door to accept the customer’s proprietary card reader that integrates into their existing security system. If interested in this product or a similar solution, please reference DC11580A.

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