The Data Center Audit Trail: A Fortune 500 Company’s Story

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No matter what problem our customers bring to us, it’s our goal to work with them to find the right solution. Case in point, a Fortune 500 company with both security and audit trail needs came to Great Lakes Case & Cabinet looking for some customized solutions across multiple locations. We were able to work with the company to address both the security and audit requirement issues, and help them become more secure and compliant overall.

As a Fortune 500 company, our customer must maintain compliance with strict audit requirements. Together, we decided that the best solution that met the needs of both the client and the outside requirements was to install biometric handles throughout the data center.

The non-optical fingerprint scanner also functions with software that provides an indisputable audit trail, a crucial set of data to have in the event of an audit. The platform was initially deployed as an end-of-row solution but has now been implemented at the enclosure level, making access to individual enclosures faster. We were also able to make the cabinets even more secure, setting unique parameters to give employees permission to enter specific enclosures, while time banding to ensure they have access to equipment during work hours only.

Erie Insurance Photo 2While it sounds like a straightforward solution, it wasn’t a simple execution. Because the original cabinets were from a different manufacturer that didn’t easily integrate with SEAL handles, we had to come up with a creative work-around. That’s where our retrofit services came into play. We were able to create a custom door frame that was compatible with the existing enclosures, allowing us to install the SEAL handles.

“As a publicly traded company, our organization is required to have a secure data center and must be able to provide an audit trail for access to all IT equipment and data that is stored on premise,” the client said. “Great Lakes has been a strong partner in providing solutions that have allowed us to meet and exceed compliance while providing a solid technology integration platform.”

And we’re not stopping there. We continue to work with the company, who is eager to fully leverage the SEAL system, including our tamper-resistant side panels, concealed hinges, and security wiring raceways. In addition to the data center, the SEAL platform will be deployed at the company’s remote offices to give them the ability to monitor those locations 24/7, something they have been unable to do in the past.

With the help of our customized, retrofit solutions, we’re confident that the SEAL platform will provide our customer with the security and audit trail capabilities needed to continue to succeed as a Fortune 500 company.

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