Camera Surveillance at a Stadium Near You

Spectators of entertainment events should feel safe at all times. An American professional basketball team is helping make that happen, at least at their own stadium. This custom, ceiling-mounted camera enclosure will be found at multiple locations throughout the stadium. The enclosure will house four cameras (as specified by the customer) that are able to capture surveillance through the tempered glass front window. A louvered bottom panel and two exhaust fans operated with a fan thermostat controller will provide airflow. The locking hinged bottom panel will allow access to cameras for maintenance when required but will prevent unauthorized access.

This camera enclosure was developed as a custom SEAL product. SEAL by Great Lakes Case & Cabinet represents a portfolio of security solutions–including free standing enclosures, privacy panels systems, and more–all designed to protect and mitigate risk to your physical IT assets. For more information about SEAL, visit 

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