Boldly Going Where No Cabinet Has Gone Before: Overhead Racks

Space. It’s literally the final frontier when it comes to data centers, server rooms, and closets. As demand leads to more tech and more tech leads to more space, organizations are struggling to figure out how to make the most of the previous square feet they have for their server and technology infrastructure. So what’s the solution when you’re not prepared to invest in more physical space, but you need to expand your data storage capacity?

The answer? Think outside the box – literally! Great Lakes creates custom racks and enclosures that fit in unique spaces above and outside the cabinets themselves. Here’s how we do it.

Space- and Cost-Effective
With mounting rails leaving a tight 1.75 inches of vertical space inside the enclosure, there’s not much wiggle room. Hanging enclosures and overhead racks are a simple but innovative solution that make the best use of the space available by going outside or above the rack. This way, switching or passive equipment that doesn’t have network vulnerability can be stored outside the cabinet, leaving more space inside for what needs to be secured.

The design is basic and effective. In the crimp style, the rack goes over the basket tray, attaching by squeezing the crimp hooks around the basket tray wires. A straight hardware application is also used, in which a bolt and nut are drawn through the cable tray and rack. It’s also possible to daisy-chain on top of the rack, attaching a 2RMU to a 4RMU and so on, to gain even more space and flexibility. These mini-racks are more cost-effective than adding new full racks or finding more space.

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Custom Mini-Enclosures
In addition to hanging racks, GLCC has also developed mini-enclosures. This is a completely custom solution that is made of an entirely enclosed, secured cabinet designed to hang from the ceiling or from wire basketry. The custom solution we designed for one of our clients fit their specifications exactly. The intelligent handle requires multi-factor authentication—RFID and PIN pad—to gain entry to the enclosure, which is as wide and deep as a full-size enclosure, allowing it to accept deep server equipment. This smaller secured enclosure is a solution you won’t see in any other data center. It’s completely customized to customer needs.

As with all Great Lakes products, these mini-enclosures and hanging racks exemplify complete customization ability, the highest standard of customer service, and unmatched quality. Is your data center ready to go where no rack has gone before? Learn more about GLCC and our custom solutions.

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