The Faces of Great Lakes: Bryan Lowther

We truly believe that our people are what puts the “Great” in Great Lakes Case & Cabinet. They’re the ones who answer the phone every time a customer calls (we don’t believe in automated messages), they make our company culture fun and people-focused, and they’re the face of the company as a whole. That’s why we created a series to feature our employees called the Faces of Great Lakes. Next up? Bryan Lowther.

Bryan LowtherName: Bryan Lowther

Years at GLCC: 5 years

What’s the coolest GLCC project you’ve been part of?
The education project in Puerto Rico. We provided over 2,000 stainless steel wall mounts for the schools throughout the island.

GLCC is all about providing custom solutions for our clients – what’s the most out-there problem you had to solve and how?
We had to come up with a solution that would be installed in a remote site, fit in a space no larger than 25x29x28 and be able to withstand temperatures from -30 up to 120F. We came up with a NEMA 12 solution with a built-in thermostat that would allow for the built-in heater or AC to turn on as needed for heating or cooling to maintain the customer’s required internal temperature threshold.

What’s the single most important ingredient when it comes to a successful client relationship?

What’s the #1 “rookie mistake” you see in those just starting out their career in your field? Explain.
Lack of patience. You need to be very patient in this industry since some sales cycles can take years to complete.

How would your clients describe working with you and your team?
We make their lives very easy. We have a cradle-to-grave approach where we will see their enclosure from conception straight through delivery. Great Lakes will install our own accessories and even third-party product prior to shipping. We have the fastest turn-around in the industry on standard product, 24-48 hours. We also have a damage policy that is second to none. We will replace immediately any damaged product, no questions asked, within a 72-hour window.

What’s the most exciting trend you see really taking hold in the coming 2 years?
Physical security at the enclosure level. (SEAL Enclosures)

Do you have a personal hero? Someone that really inspires you in your professional or personal life?
My mother and father. They have shown by example that with teamwork, trust, and perseverance, you can accomplish anything.

What show are you currently binge watching or what’s next up in the queue?
I’m catching up on Sesame Street with my daughter Isabella. Elmo is her favorite thing in the world at the moment.

If you had a personal motto, what would it be?
“Life is too short, don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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