It’s a rack! It’s a cabinet! It’s both!

It's a rack and a cabinetIt’s a rack! It’s a cabinet! It’s both! The terms “rack” and “cabinet” are often used interchangeably in the industry, but in this case—it’s a rack inside of a cabinet! A power company required enclosures to be deployed alongside each other in several power substations. The substations offer limited space for IT and security monitoring equipment. The only viable space for installing multiple enclosures was along a wall; however, installation along a wall would prevent access to the rear of a traditional rack or cabinet. In order to utilize the only acceptable space and still provide access to the rear of rack mount equipment, Great Lakes engineers had to be a little more creative than usual. This product consists of a 40” enclosure frame (split mesh front doors and three solid lift off sides) that houses an open frame four post rack that is orientated length wise. The rack is able to fully slide out of the enclosure so that the front and rear of rack mount equipment is accessible. Specialty cable management troughs with covers provide a safe haven for cables as the rack slides in and out of the enclosure. For more information about custom products and how Great Lakes can address your unique situations, visit us at

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