Two Places at Once? Sure!

It can be difficult to find one product that works in multiple applications—many products often fall short of meeting exact needs. A national food corporation turned to Great Lakes to avoid this dilemma. The corporation operates thousands of grocery retail stores and fuel stations, all of which are supported by more than 30 manufacturing and distribution centers; with so many facilities, the corporation needed a product that would function in multiple environments. Great Lakes was tasked with developing a solution that would serve as an outdoor enclosure for installation at property guard shacks, but the same enclosure also needed to be installed in walk-in coolers and freezers. This NEMA 4 rated enclosure mirrors the features of Great Lakes standard NEMA 12 wall mount: 19” EIA mounting rails; front door and rear section access for easy equipment installation and maintenance; a removable gland plate for AC installation; and two removable gland plates for fan installation. To help facilitate rapid deployment once the enclosure arrives onsite, it includes two electrical boxes, two tinned copper ground bars, and mounting rail spacing of 7”. A custom aluminum sub panel on the rear section will accommodate installation of a heater for.  For more information about NEMA and industrial products manufactured and configured to your needs, visit us at

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