How’d He Do It? An Inside Look at Santa’s Data Center

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Who deserves the title of Top Data Center Manager of 2018? Santa Claus. After all, he did a fantastic job making sure little boys and girls all around the world received their gifts – and we know that wasn’t easy, especially when you take into account all that data he had to store! While we’ll never know for sure just how expansive his operation is, here’s what we believe Santa’s Data Center looks like – and how he’s able to handle one of the world’s most challenging (and important) data storage facilities. So, what exactly does Santa need?

First of all, he’s going to need a massive data center with an enormous footprint to house the names of the billions of kids around the world – not to mention their designation as naughty or nice, what they want for Christmas (video submissions are a thing now!), addresses, etc. And it needs to be secure – we’re talking high-tech, fully customizable, and nearly impenetrable. (Sounds like our SEAL® line of enclosures…just sayin’.) Depending on the gifts asked for, there are probably numerous regulatory requirements to comply with in addition to the storage size alone (FINRA? HIPAA? ISO 27001?). Impressed yet? Just remember that Santa probably is collocating on at least three other continents as well, just to be safe. What a boss!

Now, think about everyone who needs access to that data. We’re talking elves, reindeer, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory, logistics, sleigh repair technicians, Mrs. Claus, you name it! Even if you have the world’s most privately situated data center, it doesn’t mean you can go casual with the security. That’s where RFID, biometric, and pin pad access solutions come in. That way, Santa is always aware of the comings and goings, and who has access to what. Not that Santa needs any help knowing who’s naughty or nice – but he does need to know who has access to his data center, when, and why.

Finally, we have to consider weather conditions. While the North Pole is cold, which will help with Santa’s energy costs, our guess is the data center will be so big and so powerful that it still has significant needs related to managing air flow. That means keeping cold air in and pushing hot air out. Keeping the data center under wraps presents a different challenge – the North Pole may be remote but there’s still a chance someone (likely from the naughty list) could find it. That’s where Great Lakes’ superior customization comes in. We pride ourselves on creating unique solutions for unique problems. And we think a powder coat color in Winter White is just what Santa needs to keep those naughty kids (and not to mention the Abominable Snowman) away.

Hey Santa, did we get it right? Whether you operate an elite frozen data center at the North Pole and want to get some upgrades for 2019 or if you’re just a mere mortal trying to keep your servers as secure as possible, if you like what you see, give us a call. Until next Christmas…

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