The Faces of Great Lakes: Jake Campanini

We truly believe that our people are what puts the “Great” in Great Lakes Case & Cabinet. They’re the ones who answer the phone every time a customer calls (we don’t believe in automated messages), they make our company culture fun and people-focused, and they’re the face of the company as a whole. That’s why we created a series to feature our employees called the Faces of Great Lakes. Next up? Jake Campanini, Engineer, Great Lakes Manufacturing.

Jake C from Great LakesName: Jake Campanini

Years at GLCC: 10 years

Nickname: GI Jake / Jake the Snake

How has your perspective on your work changed since you first started out?
It’s changed greatly. I started as a 19-year-old kid with no experience just looking for a job, not knowing a decade later I would be not only manufacturing our product, but inspecting and now designing it too. It’s pretty cool. I’m very fortunate to have learned so much from some great people here at GLM.

You’ve worn a lot of hats at GLM – what have you learned from such a wide range of experience?
I’ve learned so much about our product and our customers. I’ve learned how to create a server cabinet from a flat sheet of steel, at every stage. Ten years ago, I didn’t even know what a server cabinet was; now I help design them.

What aspect of GLCC/GLM’s approach to their work do you see really making a difference for clients? The workforce?
The dedication and the grind we all go through from the wee hours of the morning into the afternoon every day to get our product to our customers on time. It’s relentless but at the end of the day, we are here for our customers.

What’s the single most important ingredient when it comes to a successful client relationship?
Teamwork. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my team here at GLM. There have been so many people who have helped me succeed in this company. I’m super grateful for that.

What’s the #1 “rookie mistake” you see in those just starting out their career in your field? Explain.
Some don’t have enough patience. I would encourage any new employees to stick it through and learn everything there is to learn and grow with the company as I have.

How would your clients describe working with you and your team?
I guess that depends on who you ask. We make it as enjoyable as possible without getting distracted from why we show up every day: to work with our customers and provide them a great product.

What do you wish someone had told you when you were first starting out?
That getting up at 5am doesn’t get easier…

What show are you currently binge watching or what’s next up in the queue?
I’m currently binge watching Cruise Vlogs, as my wife and I are planning a cruise into the Bahamas later this year. Next up in my queue is football season! Cant wait for that. Go Cowboys! And yes, I’m a Cowboys fan…

What book is currently on your nightstand?
No books, just alarm clocks and sometimes my cat.

If you had a personal motto, what would it be?
Have fun and laugh every day, as you’re not guaranteed tomorrow.


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