Tales from the Medical Trenches Part II: Partnering with Healthcare Clients from Kick-off to Installation

GLCC White Paper Medical Image

The medical industry has some of the strictest data regulations out there, alongside other restrictive industries such as government, financial, and mission-critical. As we discussed in Part I of this series, healthcare data equipment is under intense scrutiny due to the nature of the industry. Not only does this infrastructure house important and confidential patient information, it is also often linked to critical life support care and, if tampered with, could cost a life.

Beyond regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and FIPS, hospitals enforce restrictions that affect everything from who can access the data on a day-to-day basis to how it’s installed. “In healthcare, there are no cutting corners,” said GLCC engineer Dylan Hascher. “If they have something they want or need, it has to be exactly that. There’s no ‘that’s good enough.’”

That’s where Great Lakes Case & Cabinet comes in. Because the needs of the healthcare industry are so specific and can’t be compromised, if an off-the-shelf solution isn’t the exact right fit (which it often isn’t), the client has to go custom. And custom is what we do.

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