WDX Special!

Need to extend your network’s reach? Looking to install just a few pieces of equipment? Limited space? GLCC offers nine series of standard wall mounts and two swing racks—all in stock, so we’re sure to have a product for the application. 

And although there are nine wall mounts to choose from, you should highly consider the WDX–one extreme wall mount! The WDX features a fully welded back panel and bottom support “shelf” that allows up to 350-pounds to be installed; the WDX is also our deepest wall mount so you can be sure that it will fit most any equipment. In need of more security for your wall mount? The WDX is SEAL® ready—the door features a standard handle cutout so that the stock swing handle can easily be swapped for a handle that provides increased security.   

If quality construction and security hasn’t piqued your interest, this will: the WDX can ship within 24-48 hours after receipt of order and with special promotional pricing, NOW is a great time to order!  

Contact inside sales at 1.866.879.4522 or to find out more info! 

Learn more about the WDX! 

*Promotional pricing available for a limited time. 

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