Fast. Flexible. Easy.

That’s right, you can have it all. When it comes to data center products, there’s not much we can’t do. We build the best US manufactured products, but it’s how we do it that matters more. It’s all in the details.

Fast Services

  • Fast Quotes: whether you’ve picked a product off the shelf or want to build something unique from scratch, we’ll get you a quote quickly. Often within an hour.
  • Fast Manufacturing: we’ve invested in state-of-the art robotic technology, but it’s the combination of people and machines that ensure product is made efficiently and effectively every time
  • Fast Shipping: we’re focused on your requirements and deadlines, so we ship in 24-48 hours on most items. Whether you order one of something or a whole bunch more.

White Cabinets Stock by Great Lakes

Flexible Services

  • Flexible Products: Sort of like an erector set—our products can be configured just the way you want them. Pick the parts and let us build it.
  • Flexible Designs: Take our almost world-famous FMP system –  aka the Flexible Mounting Profile. It’s a series of holes along the rails to install cable rings, posts, fingers, and on and on. Find it on our cabinets, racks, and industrial products.
  • Flexible Integration: We’ll set up one of our off the shelf products with the accessories you want. Need your favorite third-party product installed? No problem. STACK services mean we build your product to save you time and money.


Easy Services

  • Easy Customer Service: A friendly voice will answer your call from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m so that we can get you answers as fast as possible. Say you want to add or swap some parts on your cabinet. Every product we make has a serial number that IDs it and how it’s configured. Call us and we’ll know exactly what will work.
  • Easy Shipping: Four shipping services get your product exactly where it needs to be. Delivered directly to your dock, brought inside to a specific room, or maneuvered upstairs. Need your packaging removed? No problem. We can cover that too.
  • Easy Freight Protection: How about our “No-Hassle Freight Protection” that gives you 72 hours to report any damages? Find something wrong? Give us a call and we’ll take all the responsibility to get you new parts. No cost to you. Specify ‘Pre-pay and Add’ and you know you’re covered.

Ship Happens Image by Great Lakes

Want to learn more about our serviceS? Browse the web, download our new catalog, or request a physical copy.

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