Design That Never Goes Out of Style

Some styles are classic and never go out of style. At Great Lakes, you can say the same for our data racks and cabinets.

Sure, we’re constantly improving our product designs and compatible accessories. Some upgrades are minor so we can offer a reduced price. Some are significant so that we can create a more modern design and better functionality. Regardless of the change, we strive to manufacture products that are compatible across product lines and generations of the same product. We like to think of it as a “future-proof” design.

Found something you really like that we have phased out or is no longer in our catalog? Not a problem. Let us know and we can work your request into our manufacturing process—that’s the beauty of having our own US manufacturing facility.

Check out how one customer has deployed 3 generations of ES cabinets in a single data center!

WS2 Medium    WS4 Medium

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