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  1. Upgrading USARPAC Telephone Systems

    Upgrading USARPAC Telephone Systems

    Quick Facts Who: US Army What: GR-63-CORE certified EZ cabinet that protects against seismic activity Where: Army bases throughout the US Army Pacific theater Why: Modernize and migrate phone system to VoIP technology while ensuring a reliable network during harsh environmental conditions For major corporations, analog communications services are an outdated technology. This is no…

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  2. Protecting Navy Components on the Shop Floor

    Quick Facts Who: Commercial car maker/energy company awarded US Navy contracts What: NEMA 12K cabinet integrated with access control and EIA equipment Where: Indoor manufacturing facilities that produces engines and propulsion systems Why: Protect rack mount equipment from airborne hazards and accidental/intentional physical threats from user access The US military awards multi-billion dollar contracts to…

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  3. STACK Avoid the Onsite Mess

    STACK: Avoid the Onsite Mess [Nightmare]

    Building data racks and mounting 19” equipment can be a logistical nightmare when products ship from multiple manufacturers on different days. Boxes are misplaced. Boxes are thrown out. Some parts don’t show up. It’s a nightmare that doesn’t happen with STACK integration services from Great Lakes. STACK is the integration of racks, cabinets, and wall…

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  4. PDU2


    EVERY RACK NEEDS POWER. ADD OUR NEW POWERLOK PDUS AND RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING! PowerLok is redefining the rack PDU standard with a sleek design that is flexible, advanced, and 3X more reliable than other industry units. Great Lakes is confident that PowerLok fits seamlessly into our fast, flexible, and easy product portfolio. The PDUs fit…

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  5. WS4 Medium

    Design That Never Goes Out of Style

    Some styles are classic and never go out of style. At Great Lakes, you can say the same for our data racks and cabinets. Sure, we’re constantly improving our product designs and compatible accessories. Some upgrades are minor so we can offer a reduced price. Some are significant so that we can create a more…

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  6. AF Data Center 5 Medium

    Cool Services: Aisle Containment

    Metal products manufactured by Great Lakes, when combined with airflow products from industry leaders, allow Great Lakes to provide an extensive range of containment solutions. Cabinet walls (used to create complete and even aisle rows), aisle doors, and overhead options range from modular solutions for temporary “quick fixes” to semi-permanent solutions that are in place…

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  7. Cool Services: Best Practices

    The segregation of hot and cold air inside the cabinet has been identified by industry organizations as the first step in achieving energy efficiency. Creating segregation and eliminating bypass airflow is obtained through implementing best practices: filling open RMU and cable knockouts; reducing hot spots; and sealing cable cutouts. Items such as baffle kits, air…

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  8. Carrie and group participating in events for Erie Brewing Company

    Cheers to 35!

    Remembering our roots, both personally and professionally, is increasingly more important as this year throws us new challenges and triumphs. For 34 years, we have been Great Lakes Case & Cabinet—the ultimate collaboration effort between husband-and-wife entrepreneur team, Rob and Carrie Lowther (ok, some would argue that their kids are, but we’ll debate that another…

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  9. Fast. Flexible. Easy.

    That’s right, you can have it all. When it comes to data center products, there’s not much we can’t do. We build the best US manufactured products, but it’s how we do it that matters more. It’s all in the details. Want to learn more about our serviceS? Browse the web, download our new catalog, or request…

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  10. Bicsi: See You in the South!

    Exceptional cable management support in a single rack: flexible mounting profile, interchangeable cable fingers and rotating rings, assembly for 19 and 23” equipment. The CMRX. Fully assembled vertical cable manager: ready to accompany any Great Lakes rack, front and rear configs, repositionable cable spools, even PDU mounting. The VCM. Specialized cable management features in a wall mount:…

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