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Bicsi: See You in the South!

Tuesday Jan 21st, 2020

New racks and wall mounts. New logo. New catalog. Chance to win a $100 VISA gift card. Visit us at the Bicsi Winter Conference in booth 630 to catch up!

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Building a Better Future with LEGO®

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Thursday Oct 24th, 2019

Bricks in Pajamas is a local Northwest, PA team of 6th and 7th graders participating in the FIRST LEGO challenge that involves identifying and solving real world problems. As a sponsor to the team, GLCC met up with the team to learn about the challenge, what the challenge involves, and how LEGO robots come into play. Last year, the team won 2nd place at the LEGO competition--this year, their solution has to be even better so that they can take 1st place. Meet the team and see what they're thinking!

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WDX Special!

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Thursday Sep 5th, 2019

Need a wall mount? You should highly consider the WDX--heavy-duty construction for a full load of equipment! There are other great features--check out the video to learn more. The best part? Shipping with 24-48 hours ARO and current promotional pricing! 

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Tales from the Medical Trenches Part II: Partnering with Healthcare Clients from Kick-off to Installation

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Tuesday Jun 25th, 2019

The medical industry has some of the strictest data regulations out there, alongside other restrictive industries such as government, financial, and mission- critical.

GLCC IT Security Budget

How to Think About Your 2020 IT & Security Budget

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Tuesday Jun 18th, 2019

While we’re only halfway through the year, now is the time to start thinking about your 2020 IT and security budget. From plans for implementing new strategies from scratch to making upgrades to hardware and systems, these decisions are critical to your success in the next year and for many years to come. Here are three key factors to consider when setting your IT and security budget.

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The Faces of Great Lakes: Jake Campanini

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Thursday May 30th, 2019

We truly believe that our people are what puts the “Great” in Great Lakes Case & Cabinet. They’re the ones who answer the phone every time a customer calls (we don’t believe in automated messages), they make our company culture fun and people-focused, and they’re the face of the company as a whole. That’s why we created a series to feature our employees called the Faces of Great Lakes. Next up? Jake Campanini, Engineer, Great Lakes Manufacturing.

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Manufacturing & Automation: Combining Hands-On Experience with Next-Level Technology

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Tuesday May 21st, 2019

When you think automation, you might immediately picture robots that are taking jobs from working Americans. But at Great Lakes Manufacturing (GLM), a sister company of Great Lakes Case & Cabinet, that’s not the case. In fact, our automated systems are what allow us to fill the ever-increasing number of orders that hit our desks every day. And while robotic welders and arms help us fill orders, our incredible team of people who are on the floor ensuring product is not only manufactured but that it’s done so in the most efficient and effective way possible is what sets us apart.  

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Meet the Man Behind GLCC’s Security Panel System

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Monday Apr 29th, 2019

When Paul Senger joined Great Lakes Case & Cabinet in 2012 as a Mechanical Engineer, he had no idea that one of his very first projects would be what defined his career with the company. Around the same time Paul joined the team, a major client approached us with a challenge: Find a way to provide their customers with their own secure areas within a colocation facility. And thus, the Security Panel System  was born.

GLCC Medical

Tales From the Medical Trenches: Helping Healthcare Facilities Secure Data & Save Lives

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Thursday Mar 28th, 2019

Medical data. It holds some of your most personal information and it’s stored in a lot more places than you may think—your primary care physician’s office, your insurance company’s (and former insurance companies’) records, any hospital or urgent care center you’ve ever visited—which is why it’s so important that those facilities take their security measures seriously. In fact, in some cases, it could be life or death.

GLCC wall mounts

Off the Walls: Wall Mounts 101

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Wednesday Mar 13th, 2019

At Great Lakes Case & Cabinet, our goal is to stay ahead of the curve in order to continue to provide the highest quality of cutting-edge technology and products to our clients. For our most popular product – our line of wall mounts – it’s no different. That’s why we’re expanding our already comprehensive portfolio at the end of this month with two new additions to our product line. Ahead of the release, find out how wall mounts are used, what makes our line of products unique, and other helpful details in this month’s Wall Mounts 101 post.

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