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The Faces of Great Lakes: Terry Murphy

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Tuesday Feb 26th, 2019

We truly believe that our people are what puts the “Great” in Great Lakes Case & Cabinet. They’re the ones who answer the phone every time a customer calls (we don’t believe in automated messages), they make our company culture fun and people-focused, and they’re the face of the company as a whole. That’s why we created a series to feature our employees called the Faces of Great Lakes. Next up? Terry Murphy, Managing Director, Great Lakes International.

GLCC State of the Union

State of the Union with GLCC President Jonathan Markley

Jonathan Markley, GLCC President
Tuesday Feb 5th, 2019

I am entering my first full year with Great Lakes in 2019 and there is plenty to be excited about. The demand for data is growing rapidly and I continue to hear from customers how much they value working with Great Lakes to meet their needs. The one thing I have heard over and over again from customers is how our customer service group makes their lives easier. Our challenge is to continue to improve our service capabilities as the market and our company grow – this is critical as it is very important to our customers.

GLCC 2019 Trends

Looking Ahead: Trends to Look for in 2019

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Tuesday Jan 22nd, 2019

With 2019 well underway, it’s only natural to look ahead to what’s to come. From upcoming events to new and exciting opportunities, a new year signifies a fresh start, a springboard from which to launch into the future. As a forward-thinking company, Great Lakes Case & Cabinet is constantly striving to learn and get ahead of new and innovative technologies and trends. That’s why we asked some of our top leaders in a variety of industries to tell us what they expect to see in 2019 and created this round-up of trends. Take a look.

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