An Enclosure for Every Season

An Enclosure for Every Season

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Friday Sep 7th, 2018


Intense heat, strong winds, harsh rains, and on occasion, snow, are the natural elements that this NEMA 4X type, stainless steel enclosure is exposed to along the east coast and Gulf of Mexico. The enclosure has been installed under outdoor hangars at multiple United States Air Force bases and Marine Corps air stations to support the monitoring and test equipment of various aircraft for the past seven years. The enclosure is comprised of an upper compartment with a hinged door that opens downward to expose internal 19” EIA mounting rails for a computer monitor; a center section with a slide out keyboard tray; and a bottom section for 19” rack-mount equipment. Enclosure airflow is facilitated with two, 30 CFM intake fans on the front door and identical exhaust fans on the rear panel; all fans are protected with a rain shroud and fan filters. For more information about NEMA and industrial products manufactured and configured to your needs, visit us at

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