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GL SEAL handle

You Can't Handle the Truth: Handles & Access 101

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Thursday Mar 22nd, 2018

Handles. They’re the gateway to the files, information, and critical data that is stored on the other side of an enclosure. While most people recognize the importance of a quality server handle to protect their company’s information, they may not realize that there are many options with important distinctions – and finding the right handle for your particular need is crucial to your company’s security.

GLCC Cheap

Gotchas of Going Cheap

Great Lakes Marketing Team
Monday Mar 5th, 2018

Cost. No matter where you sit in the organization as a stakeholder, this is almost always one of the most significant factors in IT buying and decision-making. But should price really be the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to something so important? Won’t it catch up to you in the long run?