Cable Runway

All those data cables have to go somewhere. That’s why we’re always looking up. At our cable runways. Sections of every length. To go up and over a continuous row of racks. Short and long runs over cabinets of different heights.

A gradual bend around the outside. An even smoother turn to the inside. Plus, kits and parts that splice, elevate and triangulate as needed.

After all, if we’re going to rack your world, we can at least keep it neat and tidy.

“Every job is different, but our ability to customize makes it easy.” Eric Trosch – Outside Sales

Cable Runway Section

Cable Runway Rack

Increase RMU Space Above the Rack

  • RMU 2, 4, 6

Wall Termination Kit

Triangular Support Bracket

Butt Splice Kit

Junction Splice Kit

Cable Retaining Post

End caps

Corner Bracket

Rod Support Bracket

Vertical Support Bracket

Vertical Wall Bracket