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  1. Protecting Navy Components on the Shop Floor

    Quick Facts Who: Commercial car maker/energy company awarded US Navy contracts What: NEMA 12K cabinet integrated with access control and EIA equipment Where: Indoor manufacturing facilities that produces engines and propulsion systems Why: Protect rack mount equipment from airborne hazards and accidental/intentional physical threats from user access The US military awards multi-billion dollar contracts to…

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  2. An Enclosure for Every Season

    Intense heat, strong winds, harsh rains, and on occasion, snow, are the natural elements that this NEMA 4X type, stainless steel enclosure is exposed to along the east coast and Gulf of Mexico. The enclosure has been installed under outdoor hangars at multiple United States Air Force bases and Marine Corps air stations to support the monitoring…

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  3. Optical Protection Required

    In northwest PA, the sun is “skittish” so optical protection is normally only needed during summer. Regardless of the season, Great Lakes is providing protection all year round. This outdoor fiber distribution hub (FDH) serves as the point between a service provider’s central office and subscribers in a fiber-to-the-home setup. Depending on the size of…

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