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  1. Bicsi: See You in the South!

    Exceptional cable management support in a single rack: flexible mounting profile, interchangeable cable fingers and rotating rings, assembly for 19 and 23” equipment. The CMRX. Fully assembled vertical cable manager: ready to accompany any Great Lakes rack, front and rear configs, repositionable cable spools, even PDU mounting. The VCM. Specialized cable management features in a wall mount:…

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  2. Cabinet-Rack Mashup

    Remember the power company that had limited space inside of its substation? Great Lakes developed an enclosure frame with a slide-out four post rack that was deployed along a wall–you can read about the solution here. The original product works well for most equipment, but it does not accommodate utility specific switch and network equipment that…

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  3. It’s a rack! It’s a cabinet! It’s both!

    It’s a rack! It’s a cabinet! It’s both! The terms “rack” and “cabinet” are often used interchangeably in the industry, but in this case—it’s a rack inside of a cabinet! A power company required enclosures to be deployed alongside each other in several power substations. The substations offer limited space for IT and security monitoring equipment….

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