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White Enclosures inData Center MediumGreat Lakes Case & Cabinet (GLCC) specializes in the manufacturing and integration of indoor/outdoor enclosures for the storage and protection of IT equipment. Through innovative engineering, GLCC is able to uniquely address the airflow, power, cable management and security requirements associated with telecommunications, network, and server deployments of all sizes. Since 1985, GLCC’s core mission has been to provide responsive goods and services that exceed the expectations of local, state, and federal government organizations across the world.

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Core Competencies

DC7157 1Manufacturing: GLCC operates a technologically advanced and adaptive sheet metal facility able to consistently produce UL-listed standard product and adjust to accommodate small-to-large scale custom orders at a competitive cost with quick turnaround.

Custom Solutions: Custom product can consist of modifications to existing standard product, or when truly unique situations arise, sophisticated solutions can be developed and tailored to address specific customer requirements.

Retrofit Capabilities: When product in current use requires upgrades/service that cannot be made by the OEM, GLCC can reproduce the product if necessary or create a solution to implement in or alongside the deployed product.

Integration: Prior to shipping, standard and custom product can be configured to customer’s specifications with the integration of GLCC accessories, third party products, customer supplied products, or electrical components.

Shipping & Delivery: Logistics of product transportation is planned early on and unique requirements are accounted for (i.e. security clearance of freight handler, time frames, or package requirements) so product arrives where, when, and how it is needed.

Global Operations: GLCC’s manufacturing facilities in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, USA and Székesfehérvár, Hungary mirror machinery as well as human resource training to allow for identical manufacturing, assembly, and shipping processes. Manufacturing product in Hungary drastically reduces lead times and shipping costs for products deployed in the Eastern Hemisphere.


Mobilitie DAS cabinets2Inventory: Most standard product is stocked and can ship 24-48 hours ARO to help keep projects moving and alleviate emergency situations; custom product that is repeatedly ordered can become part of standing inventory.

Customer Service: Calls for support are always greeted by a friendly voice and requests/inquiries are immediately given to the tenured customer service and technical support group so that there is never an extended wait for responses. 

Freight Policy: Through its “Pre-pay and Add” policy, GLCC maintains a less than 1% damage rate; a dedicated carrier is chosen to deliver product and upon inspection, a single phone call within 72 hours facilitates product repair and replacement if required.

Future-Proof: A single GLCC enclosure platform can continuously be upgraded to support increased power, airflow, cable management, and security needs; the extended life cycle of the enclosure results in fewer replacements and less waste.

SEAL®: A nearly impenetrable portfolio of enclosures and privacy panels dedicated to delay, deter, and detect harmful or accidental intrusion to mission critical equipment; when combined with intelligent components such as asset managers and multi-factor access controls (RFID, PIN, biometrics), the solution can be tailored to help organizations maintain compliance with regulatory requirements such as FIPS, FISMA, HIPAA, and PCI.

FIPS 140-2 Compliance: Extensive work with government entities has led GLCC to mindfully develop products that assist organizations in creating a “complete envelope of protection” while providing means of detecting and responding to unauthorized attempts to physical IT assets.

Past Performance

For more than 35 years, Great Lakes has provided products to U.S. military and government entities in support of everyday activities and mission critical tasks. GLCC products have addressed a number of concerns, including security and privacy measures, user management and identification, and energy efficiency. For specific examples of military and government projects, please contact Inside Sales at


GLCC products are purchased through national and regional distribution partners. Multiple distributors offer GLCC products for purchase under various contracts, including GSA Schedule 70. 

Company Information

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

Self-certified small business

WBENC Certified: 246037

CAGE Code: OYN12

DUNS Number: 153783022

Products manufactured by GLCC are
Country of Origin, Made in the USA

Contact Information

Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
4193 Rt. 6N East
Edinboro, PA 16412

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