Secure Classified Network Enclosure

  • Dual Compartment Wall Mount
  • Features Admin Side and User Side
  • Use in Protected Distribution Systems and Alarm Carrier Deployments

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  • Accepts a total of 8 RMU of up-to 36″D EIA equipment that installs across horizontal, 19″ EIA mounting rails
  • Internal divider creates two, uniquely keyed compartments: Admin Side and User Side
  • 5 RMU on the Admin Side (houses a network switch, UPS, and patch panel)
  • 3 RMU on the User Side (houses TACLANE hardware)
  • Extends 21″ from the wall—occupies less open space than traditional wall mounts
  • Sensor-ready for alarm integration
  • Divider features conduit knockouts to feed cable between compartments and provisions for cable cinch straps
  • Top conduit knockouts above Admin Side only
  • User Side has no entry points except the door
  • Hanging bracket for easy final installation

Part of a suite of Great Lakes products for PDS and alarmed carrier deployments


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