ES Cabinets

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ES Cabinets

GL910ES-304848 91"H x 30"W x 48"D
GL910ES-304248 91"H x 30"W x 42"D
GL910ES-244848 91"H x 24"W x 48"D
GL910ES-244248 91"H x 24"W x 42"D
GL840ES-32484484"H x 32"W x 48"D
GL840ES-32424484"H x 32"W x 42"D
GL840ES-32404484"H x 32"W x 40"D
GL840ES-304844 84"H x 30"W x 48"D
GL840ES-304244 84"H x 30"W x 42"D
GL840ES-244844 84"H x 24"W x 48"D
GL840ES-244244 84"H x 24"W x 42"D
GL790ES-304842 79"H x 30"W x 48"D
GL790ES-304242 79"H x 30"W x 42"D
GL790ES-244842 79"H x 24"W x 48"D
GL790ES-244242 79"H x 24"W x 42"D
GL480ES-24422448"H x 24"W x 42"D

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We hear you. You want to know your options. Alternatives to the standard fare. You want to build out your data center your way. So at Great Lakes, we say, 'have at it.'

Maybe you’re after the most secure cabinets on the market. Or cabinets that are highly configurable to meet evolving needs. How about cabinets for quick deployment, whether it’s 1 or 100. And even cabinets that protect against seismic activity (who knew, right).

Of course, you want choices with cabinet options as well. Like flexible mounting systems. Cable management. And air flow technology. No worries, we’ve got several solutions for all.

And just because you want choices, doesn’t mean you can’t have it fast. Remember, we design, build and assemble all in the same place.

Data cabinets made functional, flexible and fast. There we go again, racking your world.

"What sets us apart is our ability to configure cabinets exactly the way you want."

Bill Santucci - Director of Product Development