Security Panel System

SEAL 200HThe Security Panel System from Great Lakes Case & Cabinet has served as a premier “cage” solution for colocation data centers across the country. The Security Panel System creates a physical perimeter of security around tenants that reside in a shared floor space. Colo facilities are seeking a solution to protect the privacy of tenants, and an increasing amount of industry specific data centers are in need of a cage solution to protect specific cabinets and racks with sensitive equipment.

security panel solid vented 800W

The system is part of GLCC’s exclusive line of SEAL products, a portfolio of metal products integrated with intelligent components to mitigate the risk of physical harm to data center enclosures and equipment. The Security Panel System consists of a series of aluminum panels, steel posts, and doors that create an enclosed space—big or small—that helps data centers meet multiple regulatory standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, and FISMA.

Meeting the Standard

Regardless of the industry standard, the Security Panel System can be deployed to serve as a perimeter layer of protection around sensitive data and mechanical systems. The system meets multiple characteristics that BICSI has identified as necessary when protecting critical infrastructure:

  • Resistant to cutting
  • Will not unravel or uncoil
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Provides enhanced psychological deterrence
security panel mechnica 800W

The System can Divide

  • Customers in a colocation facility
  • Enclosures of various security levels
  • The telecom/meet-me area from the data center floor
  • Main distribution and storage areas
  • Mechanical items located inside of the data center
  • Intermediate and horizontal distribution areas
security panel modular

Features Include

  • Modular post and panel assembly; easy to interchange and adapt in the field
  • Concealed post hardware
  • Multiple door and access control options to address security, fire codes, and ADA requirements
  • 360 degrees of protection available when underfloor and overhead components are added
  • Stocked in black
security panel custom


When the standard Security Panel System does not meet the customer’s need, custom systems can be created that address unique applications. Variations can include:

  • Panel and door modifications to meet specific security requirements
  • Door modifications to meet local fire marshal or building inspector codes
  • Access control and lock modifications
  • Panel material
  • Panel construction
  • Overhead and underfloor custom solutions
  • Color


Sensitive equipment. Colocation centers. Security and privacy requirements. All of these pose challenges. But nothing our security panel system can’t handle.

How do we do it? With secure panels and posts that prevent access to assembly hardware. Simple modular design that makes assembly a breeze. Even options to create 360 degrees of protection or meet fire code and ADA requirements.

You can mix and match your security levels, your access controls, your panel materials…heck, even your colors. It’s all in stock and ready for you to configure.

Just another way we rack your world.

"Your security needs can change rapidly. So can our security panel system."

Paul Senger - Engineer