• Supports up to 3300 lbs.* of equipment
  • Knockouts on top and bottom of cabinet
  • Knockouts on the side and rear of cabinet; allows cable management from cabinet to cabinet
  • 3/8" sq. (M6) mounting rails with RMU markings; fully adjustable, front to rear
  • Flexible mounting profile allows cable management and cooling accessories to be mounted without interfering with the EIA pattern
  • Supports cooling and cable management accessories

*30"W frames have a UL Rail Rating of 3300 lbs.; 24"W frames have a UL Rail Rating of 2000 lbs. or 3300 lbs. with HD Kit installed (HD Kit can only be factory installed and must be specified at time of order).

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When we say it’s your choice, we mean it. All the way down to the type of hardware that you use.

So accessorize away. From 19" cable organizers to filler panels to power strips and bus bars. We’ll install it where you tell us. The same 19" accessories work with cabinets, wall mounts, and racks. There’s not even a charge for us to install it. That’s part of our fast, flexible, and easy story.

And this is the good stuff. Really high quality. Made in America like all our products. Even with accessories, we rack your world.

"Every job is different, but our ability to customize makes it easy."

Carrie Hammond - Inside Sales