Dimensions: 48"H x 24"W x 42"D
RMU: 24
Construction: Cold Rolled Steel
Standards: UL2416 Listed, RoHS II Compliant, OSHPD Approved
Weight Capacity: UL Rail Rating, 3300 lbs.; Max Static Weight, 4000 lbs.
Stock Color: Black  Interested in Custom Colors?
Shipping Weight: 310 lbs.

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Security Ready! Integrate metal components and intelligent access for a complete security solution! Learn more.

  • Ideal for servers and multiple data center configurations
  • 19" EIA 310-E Compliant
  • Rails fully adjustable front to rear
  • Knockouts on top, bottom, and sides of frame
  • PDU brackets that allow mounting of PDUs and vertical cable troughs
  • Supports overhead cabling needs with ladder rack brackets and cable troughs (optional)
  • Supports cooling needs with exhaust chimneys, air managers, and more

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Part No.Complete Enclosure
GL480ES-2442MSComplete Enclosure Includes Parts Listed Below
Part No.Description

Welded frame with two pairs of 19" EIA mounting rails with RMU markings and FMP  (3/8" sq. (M6) rails installed; and two pairs of PDU brackets to accept vertical cable troughs (VCT), vertical cable bars (VCB), and/or PDUs


One set of 4 adjustable levelers, 2.5"H


Solid top panel for ES cabinet


Front Contour Mesh Door with locking handle


Rear Contour Mesh Door with locking handle

4810-36ELSPair locking Lift-off Solid Side Panels for 48"H x 42"D Frame
Part NoDoors and Side Panels

Solid Steel Door, 48"H x 24"W Frame


Perimeter Vented Steel Door, 48"H x 24"W Frame


Plexiglas Door, 48"H x 24"W Frame


Split Fan Door set, 84"H x 24"W Frame


Mesh Contour door with locking swing handle; includes security perimeter channels to conceal handle cables that may be installed; 48"H x 24"W cabinet frame


Tamper resistant solid top panel; top panel hardware only accessible from inside the enclosure


Solid top panel for ES cabinet


Perforated top panel for ES cabinet


Top panel and fan assembly with three, 75 CFM fans (115V) for ES cabinet


Top panel and fan assembly with one 10", 550 CFM fan (115V) for ES cabinet


Top panel and fan assembly with two 10", 550 CFM fans (115V) for ES cabinet

Part NoCable Management
CMPSingle Cable Management Post, 3"H
CMP-8Pack of 8 Cable Management Posts, 3"H
VCB-4836Vertical Cable Bar Kit for 480ES Enclosure; includes one vertical bar, two horizontal bars, and six, 12"L cinch straps; for use with optional 1/4 turn "D" rings (CM-25 or CM-26)
Part NoStationary Shelves for 19" Mounting

Stationary Shelf, 17.50"W x 22.25"D, 200 lb. weight capacity, maximum tab placement 26.125", 1 RMU

7206-FR-A32HDStationary Shelf, 17.50"W x 32.00"D, 300 lb. weight capacity, maximum tab placement 36.00", 1 RMU
Part NoSliding and Specialty Shelves for 19" Mounting
7206-FRSL-AHDSliding Shelf, 17.50"W x 22.00"D 110 lb. weight capacity, maximum tab placement 26.125", 2 RMU
7206-FRSL-ADHDSliding Shelf, 17.50"W x 26.00"D, 110 lb. weight capacity, maximum tab placement 32.125", 2 RMU
7206-PKB-MTKeyboard Shelf, 20.625"W x 9.50"D, 110 lb. weight capacity, maximum tab placement 36.12, 3 RMU
Part NoPower Strips, Copper Bus Bar, and Cooling Equipment
72196 position Power Strip for 19" mounting, 15 amp, 125 Volt, 5-15R receptacle and 5-15P plug
7219-SR1414 position (6 front/8 back) Power Strip with surge protector for 19" mounting, 15 amp, 125 Volt, 5-15R receptacle and 5-15P plug
CBB-48Copper Bus Bar for 48"H enclosures (isolated)
7217FT-3Fan Tray for 19" mounting (front/rear mount adjustable); includes fan guards and three 75 CFM fans (115V), 2 RMU

Fan Assembly with fan guards and two 75 CFM fans; mounts to 24"W mesh contour doors to eliminate hot spots

Part NoMounting Rails, Casters, and Other Accessories

Pair of EIA mounting rails to accept 3/8" sq. (M6) cage nuts w/hardware

HDW-105-50Package of 50 M6 Cage Nuts with 12mm, M6 screws
G101Ganging Kit for E Enclosures
7208-ESOne set of 4 Casters for ES Enclosures, all non-locking
FilenameFile Type
480ES-2442 Technical DrawingAdobe Acrobat PDF file
DWGZIP compressed file
DXFZIP compressed file
STPZIP compressed file
ES Enclosure InstructionsAdobe Acrobat PDF file


We hear you. You want to know your options. Alternatives to the standard fare. You want to build out your data center your way. So at Great Lakes, we say, 'have at it.'

Maybe you’re after the most secure cabinets on the market. Or cabinets that are highly configurable to meet evolving needs. How about cabinets for quick deployment, whether it’s 1 or 100. And even cabinets that protect against seismic activity (who knew, right).

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