Airflow Solutions

In order to maximize space in the data center and accommodate for increased data, rack-mount enclosures are becoming populated with high-density servers and network equipment, causing a surge in kilowatt-hours of electricity and increased operating expenses. A well planned and managed airflow strategy is able to produce an efficient data center where utility consumption is reduced, IT equipment life is extended, and cost savings is realized in multiple areas of the data center.

Lords 2 MediumChoosing to partner with Great Lakes provides access to a multitude of resources, including: CFD analysis; multi-functional enclosures; accessories to implement best practices; localized containment and advanced containment solutions; high-density cooling options; airflow solutions for industrial applications; and the integration of environmental monitoring products.

With Great Lakes, you are not limited to out-of-the box products. Every data center is different and airflow strategies often require unique configurations of products. Creating a solution that fits your needs has never been easier.