Best Practices

The segregation of cold and hot air inside the enclosure has been identified by industry organizations as the first step in achieving energy efficiency. Creating segregation and eliminating bypass airflow is obtained through implementing best practices: filling open RMU and cable knockouts; reducing hot spots; and sealing cable cutouts.

Fill it

Filler Panels
  • Fill empty RMU between rack mount equipment
  • Multiple sizes and styles available
  • Standard and tool-less metal panels, snap-in plastic panelsfor quick installation, and panels with brush grommet to allow cable pass-thru
Brush Grommet Rail Kit
  • Brush extends from the rail to the side panel to allow cable pass-thru
  • Prevents conditioned air from flowing around the rails
  • Installs along the FMP of the mounting rails, but outside of the EIA pattern
Brush Grommet Kits for Cable Pass-Thru
  • Cover cable knockouts on the enclosure top and side
  • Brush allows cable pass-thru

Reduce It

Door Fan Assembly
  • Eliminate hot spots that appear in one or two vertical locations in the rear of the enclosure
  • Install at various heights along mesh contour door to expel exhaust
Mesh Contour Door
  • Installation on enclosure front allows optimal amount of cold air to flow into the enclosure
  • Installation on the rear allows exhaust to escape freely
  • Accepts door fan assemblies
Split Fan Doors
  • Alleviate multiple hot spots that appear in the rear of the enclosure
  • Installation on the rear of the enclosure accelerates exhaust removal

Seal It

Raised Floor Grommets
  • Seal existing or new floor tile cutouts while still allowing cable pass-thru
  • Increase under floor static pressure and improve air delivery through perforated tiles in the cold aisle
  • Multiple sizes, shapes, and materials available
  • Fill holes in the enclosure, between equipment, or in raised floor tiles
  • Flexible 24" x 24" sheets can be separated and manipulated

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