High Density Cooling

Enhanced Closed-Loop Enclosure

Cabinets MediumIn partnership with ScaleMatrix, a San Diego co-location company, Great Lakes is able to offer an enhanced closed-loop enclosure capable of supporting up to 52kw of heat load. The enhanced closed-loop enclosure, coined Dynamic Density Control (DDC) by ScaleMatrix, is able to perform, function, monitor and operate in much the same manner as a full-size data center. The enclosure is integrated with air-handlers, access control, fire suppression, and capable of supporting high thermal densities while maintaining a low cost-of ownership. The enhanced closed-loop enclosure can be deployed throughout the entire data center, or it can be implemented as a stand-alone enclosure to house high density IT equipment. The enclosure is manufactured to NEMA 3 specifications, allowing the enclosure to be utilized in industrial and warehouse environments.

In-row Cooling Unit

DSC 0564In-row cooling units can serve as the sole source of conditioned air in small server and networking rooms. When high density heat loads are a concern in data centers, in-row cooling units can be deployed between enclosures to cool surrounding enclosures that have heat loads in excess of 30kW. Through the use of adjustable airflow baffles, in-row cooling units can focus air to adjacent enclosures or enclosures across the aisle. In-row units are 12 and 24" wide and occupy no more space than the standard enclosure footprint. The limited space needed for installation makes planning for future enclosure upgrades a simple task. Variable cooling technology is able to handle immediate cooling needs while increased cooling capacity can be reached when neighboring enclosures become denser.