Localized Containment

Localized Containment

localized containment exhaust chimneyTogether, the Adjustable Air Manager and Exhaust Chimney work to contain conditioned air and remove exhaust from the enclosure while virtually eliminating bypass airflow and hot air recirculation. The air manager or exhaust chimney can be used alone, however, when used in conjunction with best practices, the products create a “Localized Containment” solution. This solution eliminates the hot aisle and reduces the need for perforated tiles in the cold aisle. Depending on data center conditions, localized containment can be either passive or active.



The adjustable air manager is mounted in the bottom of the enclosure and helps channel under floor conditioned air to the front of the rack mount equipment. As exhaust escapes from equipment into the rear of the enclosure, the exhaust will naturally rise upward toward the chimney so that it returns to the CRAC unit.


When static pressure or airflow is too light, standard fan trays (600 CFM) or high flow fan trays (940 CFM) can be added to the air manager to increase airflow to the front of equipment. Chimney fan trays, available in standard (1200 CFM) and high flow (2260 CFM) versions, can be added to exhaust chimneys to accelerate the removal of exhaust from the enclosure.

localized containment rendering

A successful Localized Containment configuration utilizes a mesh front door, air manager, exhaust chimney, and solid rear door.