Custom Product

Swing Rack Enclosure - CustomGreat Lakes is a vertically integrated organization that utilizes a continuous, single-source manufacturing process that ensures consistency and high quality. This vertical integration allows engineering and manufacturing groups to work closely together to create custom products while providing fast-turnaround. 

In most instances, custom requests can be achieved by making small tweaks to existing product lines—creating additional knockouts, adding a few extra inches to the width of an enclosure, or even modifying color. When unique circumstances arise and standard product is not suitable, Great Lakes is able to help determine the best solution to meet custom requirements. Customers may have a well thought out idea with an existing sketch, or they may rely on Great Lakes to completely design a solution for them; technical support will work closely with the customer and engineering to ensure all customer requests are met. Upon approval of design and drawings, product will enter the manufacturing process and be completed in 6 weeks*—faster than the industry standard of 8.

*6-week production time for data and telcom product is typical, but may vary. Industrial product typically requires an 8-10 week production time. Your Great Lakes sales manager will provide specific lead times.