Enclosures are typically wrapped in plastic and delivered to a dock; however, in addition, Great Lakes is often asked to provide specialty delivery and packaging services. These services consist of unique requirements: blanket wrapping enclosures; strict time frames of when product can be delivered; and even complete removal of all packaging materials. When provided with the appropriate information at the time of ordering, Great Lakes is able to coordinate a smooth delivery to the customer.



  • Carrier simply pulls up to the dock and removes freight from the truck; freight is left at the dock door

Liftgate Service

  • A small platform is installed on the rear of the delivery truck and used to lower freight to ground level; required when an adequate loading dock is not available

  • Freight is delivered to the dock or to a location inside that is on ground level (there cannot be any stairs, elevators, etc.; if freight is required to go through these areas, an inside delivery service must be used)

Standard Inside Delivery

  • Service used to delivery freight to a designated area (no steps) and/or up a freight elevator without having to reposition or physically lift the freight

White Glove Inside Delivery

  • White Glove Inside Delivery is used when freight must go upstairs, there is limited access to the delivery point, or freight must be physically lifted/turned

  • Delivery requires special instructions, for example: packaging removed from the product; packaging disposed of offsite; or the facility floor must be protected from moving equipment

  • In many instances, a moving company is hired to unload the freight, remove packaging, and deliver the freight inside the building where required; a moving company is coordinated to meet the freight carrier onsite