Access Control

NEMA Handle 2In the past, the enclosure was simply a place in which to store equipment. With the increased cost of equipment and the exponential increase in the value of data, the enclosure must often be the final layer of security protecting critical infrastructure. Great Lakes can offer access control solutions that provide:

  • Audit trail reports
  • A centralized software platform monitors in real time, create reports, and manages users and equipment
  • Assistance in maintaining physical security compliance with industry regulations, including: PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and FIPS
  • Mobile authentication options so administrators can grant access to cabinets via tablet or cell phone
  • Proprietary protocol to ensure secure communication
  • Ability to be integrate with individual communication nodes or a bus system to allow scalability from one to thousands of entry points

Entry options include:

  • Electromechanical handles with biometrics, card, or multi-factor authentication
  • End of row devices that can unlock multiple enclosures
  • Handles with RFID readers that can tie directly into an existing security system
  • Stand-alone handles that locally store RFID and pin numbers and are not centrally managed
  • Mechanical handles including pin, hasp lock, or non-standard key